Monday, January 31, 2011

My very first art purchase

As soon as I saw this stunning painting on my blog roll I knew it had to be mine, for those of you who read Sketch 42 you might remember seeing this painting? Well someone named "Samantha" snatched it up within a few hours.....That was me!!!!

So last Friday I was full of giddy happiness when the DHL man dropped off a large flat box to my office. On a side note- next time the construction crew ask to see your new painting don't show them- I had men asking if I would like to buy their children's artwork. Ummmm OK your child's painting is great but it does not compare to this piece of art.

The real test was on Sunday when hubby returned from a trip away, I was nervous what would he think as he always tells the truth.... Consensus? He loves it "Great colours, good choice hun" (what can I say my man knows good style).

I have placed it in the dining room & coordinated a few bits and pieces on the sideboard to compliment the colours, I feel so lucky that I get to gaze at it when I am in the kitchen as it makes me feel so happy.

I am thinking of a thin silver metal frame to compliment the silver bottom of the Eiffel tower chairs- what do you think?. 

I am now pondering what the *stylish* men in the construction crew have on their walls at home?


  1. I knew it, I knew it - could only have been from Nicole. LOVE IT Sam!
    She's just told me I need a painting above my bed (savvy business women she is) thank gosh she is also very talented and correct... Now I have seen your beautiful piece I think I may have to get one from her too.


  2. Oh buy the garden abstract... if you don't I will ;)!

  3. Seriously, you just MADE MY DAY!!!

    And tell those men that kids make the best artwork, everyone knows that! I wish I were as good of a painter as my daughter! They make such organic looking pieces!

  4. AND Sarah- I JUST saw that you saw my comment.... HAHAHA!!!! I wasnt trying to be pushy... I dont even have a yellow one! LOL.

  5. I love it! It looks amazing! I was just perusing her site! Might have to wait for my birthday on this one!

  6. i love it Samantha! The colours are perfect together xx

  7. Sam, freak me out I was looking at the Garden Abstract GORGEOUS! You should get it as I'm sure Nicole will continue to create more masterpieces ...
    Nicole - you are too funny !! But you know how much I value your opinion :) But I am thinking about Garden Abstract for above my bed, what do you think?

    I love Blog world :)

  8. How funny that they wanted to see it! I shipped a painting at xmas as a gift and the UPS guy was like "It's a painting?! That YOU did?!" Looks really great, just the right pop of color!

  9. Love the artwork.
    good choice great colours goes with your decor too.

    Andrea. Romantiques.

  10. definitely go with silver frames! And I will be checking that website out!


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