Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blog love & some random facts about me

I was super excited when Ashley from A {blondes} diy life nominated me for a stylish blogger award, then I  was humbled when I also received one from Tara of Lauren Lane Decor.

I would like to nominate everyone in my "Daily reading" if you have made it there is it is because I love reading your blog and am proud to have you displayed on my wall. 

The two super stylish bloggers who nominated me, If you have not already- you might like to pop on over and check them out (Click on the banners below).

Here are seven random facts about myself:
  1. I love to have a glass of wine when I am cooking dinner.
  2. Over the last two years I have lost 20kg working with my personal trainer, he has been great at keeping me motivated, a little bit of running and cutting the carbohydrates helped too. 
  3. I am always writing down ideas in a notebook, I have one in my bedside table and one on the coffee table. 
  4. I dream that one day we will build our own home. 
  5. I started this blog as a "self development" tool as I have never been great at punctuation, grammar and spelling. I have allot of very smart and beautiful friends who have been giving me great advice. 
  6. I love to laugh at myself when things go wrong! I believe that you can't change the past but we can learn a lesson from our mistakes.
  7. I always fall over - yes - I am the clumsy friend.


  1. You make me laugh Samantha, The clumsy friend....Just the fact that you said I fall over all the time is a funny thing to imagine. Sorry if you hurt yourself when you do this but it is funny if you don't.
    I love both the blogs that nominated you. What an achievement to be recognised....you deserve it, you have worked hard.

  2. Congrats Samantha! So lovely to know more about you xx

  3. Loved reading your list and congrats on the award sweet girl!


  4. Big LOVE to you girl!

    And I might have you beat in the clumsy department if you ever want to share stories!

  5. Thanks for your encouragement beautiful girls! XX Samantha

    PS: Picture this– falling off your heels at a main intersection in the busy CBD with work mail scattered everywhere.

  6. Hi there Samantha! Thanks for swinging by eat drink & decorate! And for following!! I love to have a glass of vino while working in the kitchen too - makes it feel less like work!


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