Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting organised...Take away menus

Working long hours means we order take away a little more than we would like, the third drawer (you know the one) has been stuffed to the brim with menus - prominent placing given to Thai and Pizza.

Over the weekend I decided to tackle the disheveled drawer and file the menu's. I took inspiration from hotel compendiums that usually feature a few of the areas take away menu's.

I visited my local stationary supply store and picked up the following:
  • 1 x white pearliest snake skin binder
  • 20 x clear plastic sleeves
  • 1 x pack of white stickers. 
File the menu's into categories - ours consisted of Thai, Mexican, Italian,Chinese, Indian, Other (Customise to suit your taste). Open the menu's and place individually into plastic sleeves so you can see both sides of the menu. I used stickers folded in 1/2 and stuck to the plastic sleeve of the first menu of each food categories. I then used my best messy handwriting on each sticker, it would look nicer if I had a label maker (wow that would be organised if I had a label maker).

Happy with how it turned out - a little bit of organisation when we are hungry for late night Thai food.

In the photos you might be able to spot our new dining room chairs.... inspired by my previous post  Eames chair and a cowhide rug (I will post dining room photos soon).

Ahhhhh - the mess before: 


  1. Isn't amazing how these tiny little details make such an impact and how organised do you feel right now. Just from organising takeaway menus.....
    I love organising......anything.
    You could write a Seinfeld episode out of my organising. I see now you could have also featured as a fellow character


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