Thursday, January 13, 2011

The master bedroom is complete

The master bedroom has been a challenge to complete - not sure why? maybe I can't stick to a plan - this room has turned out completely different from the colourful design inspiration board I showed you a while back. However I think the result is a relaxing and inviting room where we are inspired and happy to spend time - Mr S even loves the floral bedspread that I chose from Ezibuy Here Bella the Chihuahua concurs.

I made the headboard myself, purchased a single bed foam mattress for $50 from Clark rubber, glued the mattress to a piece of MDF (timber) and then covered and stapled the light grey fabric. I cut provisions in the MDF for tufted style buttons - but changed my mind.

You might remember the bedside tables from Ebay they were $25 for the pair, after a number of coats of white gloss spray paint they look great - lots of space for bits and pieces inside and enough room on top to display. Re-covered the lampshades also.

 Love how much sunlight we get from the double overhead skylights 

This dresser was another Ebay purchase for $125 (painted white by me).

Keep a look out for the embarrassing before and after photos tomorrow & the winner of the giveaway.

The giveaway is still open!
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  1. It looks great! I love the side tables.. great find!

  2. have done such an amazing star to you sweety...the bedsides came up beautifully..such a cosy and tranquil spot for sleeping..just dreamy..well should feel very proud of yourself x

  3. It all looks F A B U L O U S! Is it easy to recover lamp shades? I was only looking at some of mine today thinking they needed something done about them....Would love a post on 'how to' if you get a chance.


  4. Gorgeous gorgeous space Sam. I love the blend of fabrics and the light. It has all come together beautifully - great job. Have just been catching up on your blog - have been away from blogging lately! Loved seeing you at work in the office and the mud..and the ebay table/chairs are great. Enjoy your week.
    Rebecca x

  5. What a beautiful space, you have done such a great job. You're side tables look really good in the white.
    It freaks me out how similar we are Sam, really. I just purchased some grey and white striped fabric to cover my lamp shades!! I kid you not. Can't wait to show you now.
    Well done xxx

  6. Way to go girl! That dresser is stunning and the oom looks great!

  7. It looks so great! Can't wait to see the before!

  8. Thankyou so much for the words of encouragement- I am so happy with the way it turned out! I think the space will evolve with any colour duvet- In winter I might change it up.

    Third Avenue style – I did take some photos whilst re-covering the lampshades, It was a little difficult as these were tapered & Trying to run a horizontal stripe…So I will hopefully pop up a lampshade how to this week .

    Sarah- We do have very similar styles, I saw you have a grey upholstered headboard also lol. It will look great with grey and white stripe covered lampshades .

    XX Samantha

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! LOVE the bedspread and the mix of patterns on the bed with the pillows. And the nightstands- great job!!

  10. I love how you mixed the patterns in your pillows and duvet cover. Great job.


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