Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Peak over the fence: My little sisters Apartment {inspired}

My little sister has recently moved to Paddington in Sydney, it is fantastic to have her close by and it is such a great neighbourhood. I remember it was a big change moving to the city from our parentals, both my husband and I have only ever made that one move (8 years ago). A very quick look at her little abode:    

Don’t you think she has great decorating style! I custom made the "When life gives you lemons" print for her a while ago as a random surprise, she has paired it with a lovely little scull tequila bottle (how fitting) and some black and white canisters.

Us enjoying a lunch at Catalina's Rose Bay last week.

PS: It's her birthday today! Happy birthday sis XX 



  1. Good luck to your little sister with her move to Sydney and Happy Birthday to her. xT

  2. Happy Birthday to your sister, love her place and the little touches x


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