Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My “Wardrobe Phone” {Shopping}

You would all have such a laugh if you went through the photographs on my phone. It has come to my attention that I have developed Cher’s  wardrobe computer from my favourite 90’s movie “Clueless” on my phone, I refer to my camera phone when purchasing clothes and for outfit selection.

Purchasing clothes, resisting impulse purchases
I regularly take a photos in the change room of clothes I like, I then review the potential purchase at home. If I feel like heading back to the store to make the purchase it’s not an impulse purchase.

Portmans, not currently on website  (I went back and purchased this one)

Top: Country Road

Outfit selection
I take phone pictures of outfits I am happy with, it reminds me of complete “go to” outfits I have put together (helpful in busy mornings). Please excuse the mess on the stair.  

Cue Dress (2009)

I also take pictures to help me decide on accessories for different occasions.

Please no judgement here until you try it! One of my girlfriends whom had a laugh at my “Wardrobe phone” has recently become a convert, I receive text messages of change room outfits for opinion all the time!



  1. Great idea! I often do the same thing...buy the way I love that first one and that last one with that stunning gold belt. Have a lovely day xx

  2. Sounds like a great idea, I'm always buying things only to regret the purchase when I get home. xT

  3. Hillarious but very clever. I iphone shop homewares too.... taken at the same angle as seen in a room so I can 'visualise' things better in a space!
    x KL


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