Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Porters paints - Furniture painting course {DIY}

I recently attended the Porters furniture painting course, I needed professional guidance as I’ve had many failed attempts at furniture painting (spray can in hand).

So for the Porters paints furniture course you are required to bring one piece of timber furniture to paint, I decided to bring along my little round side table that I purchased on Ebay for $13. This poor little side table had already been through a failed painting escapade (I undercoated the table however I was too impatient to wait for it to dry and started painting colour a few hours later). To get the table back to raw timber I used paint stripper, paint scraper, sandpaper and a lot of elbow grease.

As our home is decorated in tones of black white and grey I decided to paint the table in a dark grey colour using Porters paints Milk paint, the paint is organic and is made from milk by-products (Protein) and mixed with powdered oxide pigment. Milk Paint comes in powdered form (1Kg bags) and you mix it with water by hand and strain it though a stocking, it is super easy to paint has fantastic coverage and a beautiful rustic, chalky appearance.

I only needed to paint one coat on my little table, the paint dries very quickly and once it was dry (you don’t make that mistake twice) I beeswaxed the whole table, I left it for 30 minutes and then came back and did a final buff of the Beeswax. I love how the finished table turned out.

Courses are $150, for more information check out the courses/ classes on the Porters paints website Porters paints


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