Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Anna Spiro Rosey Posey Trellis Lampshade {DIY}

I completed a quick and easy little lampshade DIY late on Sunday night after we arrived home from dinner, I have been on a creative roll lately and decided to add a bit of fun to our dining room lamps with my Anna Spiro (For Porters paints) Rosy Posey Trellis sample that I picked up whilst completing the furniture painting course recently.

9:30pm Unscrew lamps
9:31pm Roll out wallpaper and trace lamp shades on backside of wallpaper
9:35pm Carefully cut out tracings (ensure to leave a 2cm gap for overlap)
9:39pm Use double sided tape on the lamp shade and affix wallpaper to lamp shade
9:40pm Screw lamp shades onto lamp base

 From This
To This

I love how the completed lamp shades look, it will be super easy I decide to change my mind and you know I will and go back to the original burlap lamp shade finish.

I purchased the wallpaper sample from Porters paints (2 x off samples = 1m total for $14).

A girlfriend purchased this sweet little monkey print to cover a lamp for her baby's nursery, I know it is going to look adorable!

Porters Paints Imagery

Porters Paints Imagery

Got a spare 10 Minutes?



  1. Very clever, might give it a go! G.x

  2. LOve this idea Samantha. How does the lamp took on, opacity wise?
    x KL


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