Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clam Shells...{Inspired}

Clam shells are a particularly beautiful carrier for anything! 
One of the things i love most about holidays is combing the beach for treasures, I think it makes for a thoughtful trigger memory. I have been sailing around Fiji for the past two weeks (sorry for the absence) I did however manage to find a clam shell on the beach (how lucky is that).

Now for some gorgeous clam shell display ideas.

Clam Shell - 1 Only

I am a bit of a clam shell hoarder, You might remember my thrifting haul a while back? where I picked up a beautiful clam shell. I have since filled it with amethyst crystals and placed on our dining room buffet.


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  1. I love your buffet Samantha, gorgeous piece and beautifully styled!


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