Friday, February 3, 2012

Pink! - Kips Bay Decorator Show Home

The Kips Bay Decorator Show Home, has been running for 39 Years and always features a fabulous mish mash of bright bold and innovative Interior Design whilst raising money for an excellent charity "Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club". Entrants have closed for 2012 and the event date is set for April 28 - May 26 (If you are in New York).
The above is my favorite room Giant giraffe!, Giant giraffe!, Giant giraffe!

Here are a few informal photos from The "Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club" Facebook Gallery


  1. That hot pink foyer table is ah-mae-zing!!! LOL...I love love love it!!!

  2. That's awesome. And for such a good cause too!

  3. Amazing!
    Love the whole pink stuff;)

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    PS2: LOVE the giant giraffe too!

  5. I love that pink tete-a-tete sofa!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Can't wait to explore yours! Charmaine


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