Friday, May 6, 2011

Melbourne & The little bar cart...

I would of brought this little bar cart home - but alas we are in Melbourne at the Chapel street Bazaar and I couldn't fit it in my suitcase- how cute is it! Here are a few random snaps of the shenanigans from our recent trip to Melbourne.
If you are heading to Melbourne the Chapel street Bazaar is a must - If you are from Melbourne you probably already know how great this place is for antique and retro furniture, clothing and accessories. 
In true Aussie style we quenched our thirsts with a beer at an Irish pub.
After all of that shopping
Our digs for the week featured a not to shabby view over the Yarra and Melbourne city skyline, the Yarra is stunning for a brisk morning walk. 

Beautiful by twilight
We ate at many beautiful restaurants - for some reason we went with a numbers theme, Number 8 (crown) and no 35 (Sofitel) both are fantastic and highly recommended. The meal at No.35 reigned supreme even compared to the two and three hatted restaurants we have eaten at in Sydney.

Mum is all for the Spencer Pratt Crystal collection and bought me some more Amethyst  crystals.
And....My little sister is such a cutie, don't you think!
The confused look on her face? asking why are you taking a photo of me?
Number 1 - for someone traveling I think she looks stunning & Number 2 - I loved that she was teaming with the aeroplane theme! 



  1. Ooh, looks like a fab trip to Melbourne! I love the bar cart, complete with wine racks at the bottom, so good!

    I am flying to Melbourne today, but only to the airport, then straight to Adelaide....No time for shopping : (

  2. Oh I love that place! And that cart is just divine - I have been looking for something like that. Lucky I have a day off cos I'm going to go see if it's still there - also lucky I live 10 minutes away. Thanks for letting us know! anastasia at Decor is like butter xo

  3. I'm on board with Spencer Pratt and that rock collection too. They are super pretty.

  4. I live around the corner from the Bazaar...I may just have to sneak in over the weekend and see if that bar cart is still floating around - it's adorable!!! Thanks for reminding me how much my city rocks!! Looks like you had a fantastic time!!!!

  5. Damn - Anastasia I just read your comment, did you beat me to it? hehe!

  6. Just thought I'd let everyone know the cart is gone! Beth- unfortunately somebody else beat us to it :( I guess it's no surprise - those things don't last too long at places like Bazaar...

  7. OMG I was sooo hoping that somebody I knew would get it! I need to invest in an Iphone so I can post these great finds as soon as I see them, I hope you had a good time at the Bazaar Anastasia - did you find anything else? XX Samantha

  8. Off to Melbourne to visit the family this weekend!!!
    It's going to be CHILLY... Your sister coat would be great down there!!!

  9. What a fun weekend Samantha. I always love going back to Melbourne, mainly to visit my sister but also the fun shopping. Melbourne is my hometown. ;-)

  10. Samantha - I did find this nice moroccan table - but it was a bit pricy and wobbly! Some things there a bit much for what they are. But I still love going there - at times you can get a great bargain. Enjoy your weekend. xo

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