Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Designers by the shore

No Snooki is not designing a guido pad (Sorry NJ - but when I hear Jersey Shore my mind goes into fully sic mode)..... Sketch 42 recently posted these pics from "Designers by the shore" I couldn't stop thinking about the beautiful images taking allot of inspiration from mid century furniture and design Post here.

Yep - One of Nicoles paintings!!



  1. Ooh, don't know how I missed that post - I'm also lucky enough to have nine original paintings in this show house! I've been waiting very impatiently for some pics to filter through, but haven't seen much at all so far. Will head on over to visit Nicole's blog - thanks for the heads up! K xx

  2. Oops, correction - two different show houses! Mine was Stately Homes by the Sea, not Decor by the Shore. So many lovely houses in the one area - we are sadly lacking here in Oz. K xx

  3. Love the 6th image with the floating shelves and that wallpaper..gorgeous! x

  4. Greek Key rug is so fabulous! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images!!!


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