Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Black Velvet Chair "Steals & Deals"

So the story behind the “Black Velvet chair” I thought I should fill you in.

 As I mentioned the chair was purchased on ebay for a steal at just $67. I have to say, I was shocked to win the auction for such a low price. The seller actually had another chair the same, however decided to keep it.   
So the chair stood for 6 months all by itself. After much searching on the web to find an identical chair I got desperate, I contacted the seller of the original black velvet chair on Ebay and asked if she would be interested in selling me the other chair, the reply: “No thanks, my daughter is keeping it in storage”. So deciding what my maximum price would be to pay for the chair I then sent another email…."Would you be interested in $400 for the chair?" And well the rest is history. So the chair that was a great ebay steal turned out to be still a great deal I think. What do you think?

            Here they now sit together in our lounge room (sorry about the late night camera shot).  


  1. Those are great chairs! It always amazes me what people find on ebay and craigslist!

  2. Thanks Ashley I love the chairs. Love your blog, you are so creative!


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