Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Block- Week 4 Review

The contestants were asked to complete the Master bedrooms for their apartments. Brenton & Chez took out the first place prize this week. I am not sure if  I totally agree, see my personal thoughts below.

If you are interested in checking out the full images of the rooms please head over to the channel Nine Block Galleries

MY Number 1. Erin & Jake
Like: the built in wardrobes & the bench seat

Dislike: Trying to match the stripe pattern within the bed base & striped wall, the bed would have been better as a smoke Grey or white colour.

Change: The black and white striped wall is gorgeous, I agree with what one of the judges said that there could have been a mirror placed on the wall to break up the space.

My Number 2: Neisha & John
Like: The colour palette, the headboard is Divine!

Dislike: The wardrobes. A bulkhead above the wardrobes would have tied them into the room better. 

Change: I can tell that that is a blue blanket, but to me it looks like my Nana's left her dressing gown on the bed.

My Number 3: Brenton & Chez
Like: The Pendant Light

Dislike: The TV Shelf, as a tall person I know that corner of the shelf would become a problem.

Change: The height of the headboard, it seams too low, as there is no art on the walls a nice high headboard would take away the bare feeling and draw the eye up. 

My Number 4: Mark & Duncan
Like: The Art on the wall & the ceiling detail.

Dislike: The White dresser next to the white wardrobe, it Looks like a mish mash/ jumble of furniture. I would have expected more from the joinery as these two are Carpenters.

Change: The colour of the feature wall.

I think they all did a great job & not forget that they only had1 week to complete this room, all round an awesome effort. What do you think? Who should have won?

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