Friday, June 1, 2012

I gave up Sugar and Alcohol!

Just over two months ago My Personal Trainer mentioned the advantages of cutting sugar out of my diet (rather crazy and controversial right?). I am not the type of person to do things by halves I usually jump in head first so the very next day I decided to make a conscious decision to give up both sugar and alcohol and transform my mind and mood and intern my body.

How did I do it?
Sugar: I cut out anything that contains sugar from Sweets, Fruit, Fruit juice, Soda.
Alcohol: I quit cold turkey

After three weeks I lost the craving for something sweet at 3pm.
Three weeks after quitting alcohol I totally lost the cravings for that glass of wine a few nights a week.  

The hardest part was deciding to quit three weeks before Easter, Easter Sunday I had a big mood low and looking back I can now pinpoint this as my body’s “Ah Ha moment”  I was rid of all the toxins. The mood low could also be attributed to the mountain of chocolate I lavished upon my husband in compensation as it is one of his favourite days of the year.

A totally clear mind free from cravings and a loss of 5kg and a dress size (who hoo).

Willpower is key! Friends and family members will unintentionally try and derail you.
Don't be a martyr about it, if it is a special occasion like a Birthday, Engagement or a Wedding I will have a glass of bubbly or a piece of cake.

If you are interested in reading more I would suggest Reading Sarah Willsons 8 week programme or Trying a few recipes from her Cookbook (The E books are downloadable for E readers and PDF).

Here is a Pic from last weekend:

And a before pic from a similar angle:



  1. I'd like to reduce my sugar intake but really have no willpower. Alcohol isn't really an issue for me, I just have a glass here and there, but the sugar thing...sheesh. Congrats on being so strong!

  2. You look amazing Samantha! I went through an informal version of this a month ago, cutting out most unhealthy things altogether including soft drink and juice. I did feel a lot better but got busy again, and lazy! I need to find my willpower and get organized again - might check out those ebooks! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  3. AWESOME effort Samantha, Ive just started following sarah wilsons program myself, Ive cut the sugar & now need to hit the alcohol, I usally drink a bottle of wine a week, over several nights, but i think that need to go as well. My energy levels are definately higher & my mind is certainly clearer!!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Well done you! That's awesome!!! I've been craving chocolate like no ones business lately and know I need to cut back on a major way. Not sure I could cut it put completely though. So you are doing awesome!!!

  5. im so impressed! good on you for having such good willpower ( I'm shocking! ) i am riding my bike more now though so that might cancel out some of the wine...right? ;)

  6. hi samantha. congrats on cutting out sugar and alcohol. hubby and i gave up sugar last year, though like you still have a piece of cake if at a party etc. hubby is stricter than i am :)

    may i suggest you get onto 'supercharged foods' by Lee Holmes she has a great website and i LOVE LOVE LOVE her cookbook. lots of awesome recipes. and if you wanted to read up on sugar, David Gillespe's books are amazing, and Garry Taubes 'why we get fat and what to do about it'.

    hope you are surrounded by encouraging and positive people...we've had so many negative comments esp about fruit! thankfully hubby and i have each other :)


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