Thursday, April 12, 2012


I thought I would never be that person that has any more than One or Two wedding photos on show in our home, but alas two years on and there are plenty of wedding photos scattered around our home and I just adore them!

For our second anniversary recently we met up with our super talented Friend and Wedding photographer Jay of Southern Light Photography to have a few photos taken around our beautiful city Sydney (here are a few of the Low Res photos). We got to keep all of the photos Jay took, but the question is can I pick only one or two to show around the house….  



  1. LOVE the lasr one! The colour of our dress against the green looks amazing! but actually quite love all of them - you are so photogenic :) just gorgeous (oh & we need to talk orange!!)

  2. Beautiful photos Samantha. Love your gorgeous pink dress too! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  3. So cute!!! You two make such a nice couple! The last one is my favorite as well ; )

  4. The last one is really eye catching since the pink pops out from the green.

    (I've never heard of anyone other than folks here in the south making hot cross cool!)

  5. They all are lovely but I like the third one. The first one TBS has a really cheeky smile on his face. Gran has a pic of Mark at about 5YO that has the same smile.


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