Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Arm Candy"

I have been rocking Arm Candy lately, have you? Out to dinner with a friend recently whom commented "That's allot of bracelets" my reply "It's an Arm Party".

"Arm Candy/ Arm party" is basically a fashionable excuse to break out all of your fabulous watches and bracelets and wear them at once*!

*BEWARE: There is a fear of looking like that lady that you saw on the train (that one time) who had on EVERY piece of jewelry she had ever bought or been given. 

Styling is key to success. 





Feeling like shopping now?
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Or you can always DIY!



  1. not even kidding, bens aunty wears at least 20 bracelets/watches on EACH ARM every day.
    I am always wondering a) how heavy it is & b) does she take them all off every night to have a shower/go to bed!

  2. I love arm candy, I wear tons on my blog is just starting out but I have tons more posts with some fun arm parties coming up.

    Maybe we could follow each other?


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