Monday, August 22, 2011

The Block 2011- What a Let Down

Well that was disappointing wasn't it?

Just one house sold at the auction, Congratulations to Polly and Waz! They did a great job!

The results

Josh and Jenna: Passed in at $901,000
37 Cameron Street
Reserve: $950,000

Polly & Waz: Sold for $855,000
39 Cameron Street
Reserve: $840,000

Katrina & Amie: Passed in at $822,000
41 Cameron Street
Reserve: $860,000

Rod and Tania: Passed in at $832,000
43 Cameron Street
Reserve: $850,000

Not long after Saturday night’s auction a private sale was liaised for Katrina & Amie of $860,000 -their reserve price. That means the sisters will leave with no cash from the Auction episode, but they were paid a base salary for their time on the show.

All that work and heartache put into renovating and they come away with minimal to show. Amie and Katrina could barely hide their disappointment, with Amie stating “A waste of time, really, isn’t it….?” When you’ve been separated from partners and kids, it must be doubly crushing.

Tv tonight notes that last year couples profited between $47,000 and $105,000 (rising to $205,000 with the extra prize money).

Polly & Waz- Winners

Amie and Katrina - House sold with no Profit 

I wonder how many people would be sending in their applications to be on The Block 2012 now? They should have all received some type of a "retainer" prize money other than a "wage"?  

PS: What happened to the Elderly couple and the Couple in the hot pink Attire at Josh & Jenna's Auction? Up to 1.1Million Hey?


  1. So surprising wasn't it. Even with the tense property market etc, places like that and in that location of Melbourne should have sold for at least their reserve prices! Hopefully over the next couple of weeks we'll see some of them sold for a decent price.
    I was upset for the girls though, they literally got nothing - Polly & Waz got some $, Rod & Tania got a car, Josh & Jenna got engaged!
    Oh television, thanks for the recap xx

  2. I too was very disappointed, all round. The hot pink couple was obviously all show - front row, definately not putting their $ where their outfit was!

  3. I agree it was disappointing for the contestants. I didn't know about the salary though. Thats interesting. I guess it all came down to the slumped market and supposed buyers sitting on their hands!

  4. That guy in the pink suit was a loser... He put in a bid of $750k for Josh and Jenna's house... After going and saying he would pay up to 1.1...

    Josh and Jenna's was my fave and the one I would most like to own.
    After that I think the girls house becuse you could still do stuff to it and change stuff but they had space for a dining table which the others didnt...


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