Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dining room musings

I have been plotting to change out the hardware on the dining room buffet (Old photo above) loving the idea of round pulls in silver similar to the below, are you thinking that this would be awesome too??? I have not found the silver pulls yet (let me know if you have seen them anywhere).
PS: Did I tell you that my Mr is awesome? His abilities extend far beyond managing expensive construction projects and looking good in Lycra, he installed a new light for the "Mrs" in our dining room, probably whilst I was dreaming about renovating watching something amusing like "Top design" or "The Block" (Before Pic below).
And this is the light he installed (I will be sure to post photos once I have finished ceiling paint).


  1. Love the new light fitting, and cant wait to see pics. The new buffet hardware will look great and really finish of the gorgeous look of the room. I have just been catching up on your blog after a long absence - technical issues etc - and cant believe I had to read three pages of your posts its been that long! Hope the new job is going well. Have just spotted the coffee table/trolley on wheels you posted about in the latest Real Living magazine. Great to catch up and be back. Enjoy your week.
    Rebecca x

  2. Sam, Hello! I'm back in full force finally. Just catching up on your blog. Loving your dining space, lucky you to have such a nice Mr!

    You know your buffet (which I 100% agree on the new pulls but agree a challenge to find), I have the sofa table in the same collection! Surprising not! I too was thinking these pulls to replace as well. Let me know if you find :)

    Looking forward to catching up xx


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