Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Historical photographs {Inspiration}

I have developed a little obsession with historical photographs lately, I think it stemmed from an image I saw of Sydney’s North Shore Tram tracks. The obsession probably goes hand in hand with my love of antiquing, tangible visual items of a life gone by. 

Here is a little collection of photos that have tickled my fancy lately:

Federation decorations, Bridge Street, Sydney

Walsh Bay, 1949

Sydney Harbour Bridge, under construction

A "House" that is close to my heart, the Sydney Opera House

Sydney opera house construction, 1960's

I hope you enjoyed the little historical tour.
Feel free to have a browse around NSW State Records all photos Copyright.

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  1. Amazing! Where did you unearth those adorable photographs? Hats off to Sydney Opera House architect. XoXo


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