Wednesday, January 18, 2012

West Elm- International Shipping

Did you know that West Elm Ship internationally to Australia? A whole plethora of shopping possibilities keep opening to Australia (insert disappointed look from my husband here). I am currently lusting after this chevron bedding and a few other bits and pieces. Has anyone in Australia purchased from West Elm?



  1. i'm really loving their papier mache taxidermy!

  2. They have some great stuff that you can't find here - particularly love those frames!

  3. I'm about to order something for my office, but I don't think I've checked the postage as B mentions. Better look into that first :(
    Still it's fun just to know all that West Elm loveliness is an option to us now :)

  4. i love that paper mache sculptures! they're so pretty!

    allister bee blog

  5. Hi Samantha! I ordered the West Elm Essex bench on the weekend. International shipping was 50% off, otherwise it would have been far too expensive. The bench is en route (I'm tracking it via DHL) - I'll let you know if it arrives safely.

  6. Hi Samantha, just catching up on your lovely blog. We just came back from visiting New York and I was so excited to visit a West Elm store. Wish I could have brought so much home. I'll have to look into the shipping prices now I know they ship to Australia!


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