Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Goldilocks's and the Bench...

I have been looking for a bench to sit under the large beach picture I just installed in our living room {Pic below}. Check out Mr Bench Via Concrete and honey, this beauty captures exactly what I had in mind! Not too high, not too long and not too wide {as Goldilocks's says it is just right!}

Ho hum the search continues unless someone has any Ideas where I might find one?

A picture of the area in mind:



  1. Sorry don't know where you can find one but I do love it. It will def look fabulous under your beach pic though. Goodluck in the search for one xx

  2. I love this idea and have done something similar in my home. We have an antique timber bench underneath a painting in our entrance, and also an upholstered timber bench below another painting in our living room. I've used before - might be worth a look?

  3. pretty sure ive seen one thatd work at ikea actually! Oh oh & sam did you know our men are doing a 24hr race this weekend IN THE SAME TEAM???? will you be there? i am always subjected to being support crew at these things.


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