Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mr Fiddle leaf fig is here

Here he is sitting in the lounge room, it has been just over one month since we got this new edition, Mr Fiddle leaf fig is still looking okay, I need to find a larger pot (And get around to transferring and re potting it). I have to confess I have been mothering Mr Fiddle Leaf fig a little, spraying water over it once a day and bathing it in sunlight.

Here is a little pic from this morning:

 Bella was interested in a morning photo shoot, So I was obliging.
I picked up these horse head book ends whilst thrifting last week with my mum, not sure if I should paint them?? White, Black, Silver or Leave them natural timber.



  1. oooh, i can see those horses in glossy white.... or black! cute post!

  2. Love the post. I like the mirror that is shown in the first and second photos!

    'Please visit our new website'


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