Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Basil the Gazelles home gets turned into a Jewelry hanger

I moved a mirror into the stairwell and Basil found a new home living in our second bedroom watching over our guests.
Do you remember his old home? Here

Never one to let a good ornate frame go to waste I set to re purposing (PS: Love our new lounge room rug).
I got handy on a Sunday afternoon with some screws and a drill and I have myself a fancy
back of bathroom door jewelry hanger.

Diamonds & Pearls & Fendi - Oh My!
Apologies for the Iphone camera photos (I am hoping for a camera for my birthday next month).


  1. LOVE him on that wall! And love your new necklace organizer -- perfect!

  2. super cute! and a camera is on my wishlist too! xx

  3. Gorgeous. The iPhone camera is convenient, but I'm hoping for something better for Xmas.

  4. So cute! Love him in both spots, but this is a fun change!

  5. Cute!! Love the photos!!

    'Please visit our new website'

  6. Looks great! Just discovered your lovely blog :) Abbey x


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