Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stick a light bulb in it & call it a lamp?

I am a big devotee to the equestrian theme, in fact I am loving it sick! Whilst perusing Matt Blatt (as you do) I stumbled upon a horse head lamp “interesting design" I thought to myself and then I found a boot shaped lamp... and a “Sassy” Cat table tamp, I started to feel a little disturbed.  
To stick a light bulb in a figurine (be it a horse or a Boot) and call it a lamp….I am just totally convinced. Maybe I am totally wrong (shock horror) and everyone else loves it. It is merely my humble opinion that the “sassy” cat needs to be sent to the animal shelter.
With a price tag of $500 to $700 would one of these make it into your home?



  1. Ouch, they are making my eyes hurt!! Some of the pieces on Matt Blatt are so strange.. x

  2. I think they are kinda cool, especially the horses but as I'm not much of an animal person I don't think they'd go in our home. I like things in our home to mean something to us and reflect our personalities and interests so sadly these don't cut it!


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