Monday, May 16, 2011

Chevron tiles & the new job

I am very pleased that I have a new job - it is a challenge but such a dream. The building I am working on features some pretty amazing specially glazed chevron tiles (amongst many other amazing things).

Here is a photo hint....apparently 2 in every 3 people can recognise this building - what are you the one or the two?.


  1. Mmmm me thinks it's the Opera House??
    What new job did you get?
    All the best with it xx

  2. New job! How exciting!
    Now I need your help... Looking for bedside tables.
    Found some on Ebay last night, but we lost :-(
    Auction finished way after my bedtime and I had to go to bed before it finished...
    Help! I mini reno project I am fine with.
    Nothing too fancy.

  3. Um. Opera House??? How exciting re the new job - calls for a big self present as congratulations I think!
    I am having a small crisis of faith re the mirror - so far have not found one of the cheap that I am happy with and fell very non-thrifty if I were to purchase one from Antikt and then paint it. I think I am going to do a filler pink painting/frame arrangement on my mantle in the mean time and continue the search.

    x Sarah

  4. What an exciting thing to have a new job! I'm going to go with the rest of the crowd and say Opera House? What are you doing?!

  5. Sydney Opera House? Congrats on the new job!


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