Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trunk + Thrifting + Guest post = Busy

First things first....The 9 month saga with the trunk has finally ended, after hours and hours hanging out in our garage with an Ipod, paint stripper and a sander trying to strip back the mission brown paint to the metal cladding, I felt defeated and purchased some ivory spray paint.

I am in love with the result - what do you think? I have placed it in our spare bedroom and filled it to the brim with all those spare decorating pieces I don't want out at the moment. So much storage in a old steamer trunk - recommended if you are sparse on space like us.

It started out looking something like this (not the exact trunk) naughty DIY 101 - Take photos before.

Speaking of decorating pieces - I went thrifting with mum and picked up a few small frames ($1 and $2) I love the soldier he seams very regal?. Thinking of painting the small bamboo one a bright colour - maybe yellow or green? or keep it natural?.

Today I am visiting my beautiful neighbour - The talented blogger Simone from Honey and fizz her house is amazing you should pop over and take a look. If you want to find out more about me check out the interview post Here.


  1. Really gorgeous blog Samantha, now following! Miss Walker xoxo

  2. I looks fantastic. I really like the glossy paint. And that lamp looks fab!

  3. Thanks for coming over to Honey and Fizz today Samantha! Love the trunk, I always have my eye out for those xx

  4. oh wow, BRAVO on the trunk, it looks fantastic!

  5. The trunk looks fantastic. I really like it painted and I love how you have decorated it too, not to mention the great storage! ;-)

  6. Great transformation, Ive seen trunks like that in the antique stores here in the hunter valley, what a great idea for using & decorating them!!

  7. Hi, just found your blog via simone! So lovely to meet you and follow you too!Laura xx

  8. Good solution!

    Just awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award… You rock!


    By the way, your comments come up as no-reply… you can change that if you want people to be able to hit reply on the email they get. It’s under your profile, I think.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I'm loving your blog! The finished product looks great.


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