Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To London, To London.....

Mum suggested Firmdale- Haymarket hotel for our trip to London later in the year...... Ahhhhh Yes please! Each room is individually designed by the hotel owner and developer extraordinaire Kit Kemp (I do believe I have a new idol to worship). Via the Luxury travel bible

The Profile: The self-taught Kit Kemp is the co-founder of Firmdale hotels with her husband Tim. Together they have produced a string of boutique hotels known for their style and originality. She was awarded the Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year for 2008.
The Style: "Hotels should be living things, not stuffy institutions", say the Kemps. Kit Kemp's style can be described as having an 'English eccentric look'. Drawing upon the world around her for inspiration, Kit doesn't work to a particular formula when designing her slightly quirky interiors. Each of her boutique hotel interiors can be recognized as an individual work of art. However, there is a link between each of Kemp's hotels. Look out for bold prints, eye catching colours and fabulous attention to detail - the small portrait on the wall or a painted pattern on a bedside cabinet.

After seeing the sights of London (and visiting my friends Bridget & Al) mum & I will be heading to Paris!. This will be my first time to Europe so I am super excited, not so excited about the 24 hour flight though!!!

Any good recommendation of things to do in London OR hotels to stay in Paris? The agenda for the trip will be museums, shopping and eating all mixed together with lots of sightseeing!



  1. OH I am so jealous!! You are going to have the best time ever!!! And don't worry about the flight, a good book, an Ipod and a glass of wine will solve the boredom :)

  2. OMG... officially jealous!!! That hotel looks super amazing!

  3. W.O.W. I am blown away by these interiors!! They're all beyond beautiful!! I'm with the others...super jealous over here! :)

  4. Gosh, that look fantastic! You will have a wonderful time. So jealous! ;-)

  5. wow, I am so envious!! enjoy your trip and take lots of pictures.


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