Monday, February 21, 2011

One year Wedding anniversary!!

Today marks our one year Wedding anniversary.

Yesterday the Mr surprised me with a beautiful lunch. The only information I had was be ready by 11am.

We hoped in the car and headed half hour to pick up a coffee? (not the surprise location?).
 We then started heading North from Sydney on the F3 freeway.

 Then I spy.......Vineyards! We were back in the Hunter Valley!.

Yep- we were there to have lunch at the very place we got married a year ago. 

The food was delicious- It was so good to go back and be able to enjoy every single bite! 
I think we might have just started a anniversary tradition.

After mains we took a walk so we could fit in desert....I proceeded to run down the isle :-)
 And then we took a few pictures to remember this momentous occasion. 
Photos care of the brilliant self time function on the camera (the third wheel of couples around the world).

Desert tasting plate!

Tonight I will probably cook something nice at home & then we will tuck into the wedding cake. 
We kept the top layer & froze it- The icing silhouette is sitting on top also. 

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend & have a great 21.2.11!!!



  1. Can't believe you got married in Hunter Valley, was there last year and it's one of the prettiest places I've seen! Congrats on one year!

    (P.S. Did you receive my email?)

  2. What a spectacular place. Congratulations on one year.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. Happy Anniversary Guys! What an awesome way to celebrate the first year..Im sure it has felt like it has flown. Gorgeous spot where you got married..I know it all too well when we were looking for a venue ..but have never actually dined there...but those images of what you had for lunch look deeeelish...must do it on our next trip there..whenever that will
    Hope you have a wonderful night celebrating x

  4. One year down already!
    Ours isnt that far away!!!
    What a beautiful surprise to go back to the place where you were married!
    We will be away on our anniversary with my family! we will celebrate the weekend after I think? And I suspect we will go to the same place where we got married for lunch too!

  5. What a fabulous way to spend your anniversary! And a gorgeous place to boot. Happy anniversary!

  6. Congratulations! Wishing you a blissful lifetime together.

  7. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful spot for a wedding and how sweet to go back xx

  8. Time flies when you're having fun and looking at these photos, it appears that you 2 know how to have fun!
    The food looks so good.

  9. Happy anniversary! What a romantic gesture whisking you back there again for lunch. It looks like a gorgeous venue.

  10. Happy anniversary lovely, you look beautiful. What a gorgeous couple xxxx

  11. How nice that I found your blog just in time to wish you a happy anniversary. Looking forward to following along here!

  12. Happy Anny!!!! I love your blue dress!

  13. PS...I am now your 80th follower! Yay! :)

  14. Oh, that was so sweet to see the photos of your wedding day and then one year on. Beautiful. Congrats!

  15. Happy Anniversary and lovely idea to go back to that spot for lunch as well. I love the recreated photos in the spots you had wedding shots as well!

  16. Happy Anniversary - What a lovely blog (just found this actually) I may reference you in mine oneday..

    Kristina x


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