Friday, February 11, 2011

My Childhood bedroom- Redecorated

My mum has been very busy redecorating my childhood bedroom. In fact I think the hardest part was getting me to cull boxes and boxes of rubbish, sort all of the collected wedding decorations & throw out 32 pairs of shoes.

The whole project was completed with a bit or furniture re-shuffling, a new bed, DIY navy blue headboard, a new quilt & some white Ikea frames. She collected all of the gold mirrors from the Salvation army/ goodwill.

I quickly snapped these pictures on a visit last weekend.

Feel free to say "Hi" to "Big white ted" and "Yellow Ted"......what an imaginative young child I was.

Check out the beautiful scalloped edge lace Valance- It is a re-purposed "Goodwill" Tablecloth find.

 Love you work mum!


  1. Ever so gorgeous and dreamy..that reindeer ring holder is gorgeous I want! ; )

  2. Hey Samantha!
    It's obvious where you get your design genes! Great post. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. It totally makes my day when I get comments! Mandi.

  3. looks very nice..and a room where you could get a nice rest and have great dreams.

  4. That is so pretty! I love the bedskirt and the lights in the little dresser alcove! Good job mom!

  5. love the mirrors that are hanging up!! :) i want some like that to put in our place.


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