Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The stairwell spruce up & Basil the Gazelle finds a home

Over the holidays we completed many projects, one was to give our stairwell a spruce up and find Basil the Gazelle a home......Yes a Gazelle a home - for Christmas my adorable sister gave me this ceramic Gazelle head. We picked him up on a trip to the Sunshine coast & he traveled back to Sydney with us by aeroplane (he is a well traveled Gazelle). 

 So Basil came quite plain and white - I didn't think that it would be fitting for such a beauty to be washed into our bright white walls, so I set about making him a glamorous home.

 Very happy with the stair project & I think Basil likes his new home!


  1. Basil looks gorgeous. Great diy on the frames and what a coincidence with the light.....happy accident I say. Love the Lindens.

  2. Looks lovely. Were the lights hardwired? Do you have a link to those lights? They are gorgeous.

  3. Looks great, I love it and very clever. I'm loving Basil, great name by the way!

  4. Thankyou everyone,so happy with how it turned out, I love looking at it every time I walk up the stairs.

    The lights are hardwired, we put a splitter (what you use when you want to turn one light into two) the wall light was sourced from beacon lighting (P.S I love this...) here is the link

  5. Everything looks fantastic! I really like that you framed basil. such a good idea, and it really makes a bigger statement.


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