Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our master bedroom- Before and after

I have put together a little collection of before and after master bedroom photos-
so happy with the way it all tuned out.

This is too funny not too post...
Isn't it funny how your tastes change? The master bedroom 5 years ago (me as a 21 year old decorator). 


  1. Room looks great!
    You did a brilliant job!

  2. Great job Samantha! It looks so lovely, fresh and bright xx

  3. wow gorgeous!
    just came across your blog and im now following ;)
    ali @ mummahh

  4. Love it..and every time I look at your bedside tables I am seriously torn between keeping mine natural and giving them a good lick of fresh paint. LOL about the last images..I could really share some doozie pics with you too...shocking mine

  5. Sorry for the deleted comments..I dont know why but my comments always duplicate..triplicate on your

  6. Cute - Great job on the bedside tables.


  7. Great job! I love how fresh and modern everything looks that you painted white.

  8. Love a good before and after! Your bedroom from 5 years ago is similar to mine - 5 years ago also! Love the new look. ;-)

  9. Wow, it's come a long way. Love the fresh look.

  10. Thanks for the beautiful comments! I did struggle deciding to post the picture of 5 years ago (as it is so embarrassing) I guess it is all part of the journey.

    Anna- Your bedsides would look good white, I can see your dilemma as the timber is in really good condition. Our bedsides were not in good condition, I think a lot of sanding and the white spray-paint somewhat cover it up.

    XX Samantha

  11. Gorgeous! I love it!

    I know what you mean about tastes changing. I look at the way I did my bedroom just three years ago and cringe! I was going through a purple phase at the time and painted the walls deep, dark purple even though none of our stuff matched it. Yikes!

  12. Just came across your blog and I have to say I LOVE your master bedroom makeover! I've been in need of some inspiration on that room, so I'm glad I have this now to motivate me! :)


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