Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our house- The handbag and shoe wardrobe

After a successful trip to Ikea last Thursday night (with mum) I ended up spending all day Sunday on the floor with a drill and hammer putting together the billy bookcase to house/ display my pretties.

I feel strange about posting about my closet as it is very personal - I am a bit of a shoe and handbag freak (as most Lady's are) so I suppose there is no shame in posting?.....

I think Fendi vanity's are the best looking handbag ever made!. A little bit about these babies - the white clutch was used on our wedding day & the dusty pink clutch my sister and I both have (I gave one to her as a maid of honour gift- one of the bonuses of only having a MOH- you get to spoil her!).

 Best purchase ever- Vintage Dior from Ebay
This is the Ikea bookcase "Billy" (In white). I found it super easy to assemble & it was only $208.


  1. Amazing! Great job! and I love your vintage Dior bag.

  2. Lovely! So many memories associated with these special items.

  3. Beau-ti-ful! Looks dreamy. Vintage Dior - I die xx

  4. Love your collection! I wish I was that organised. I'm following you, I love finding Aussie bloggers :)
    Ang xxx

  5. There is no shame in displaying things you are proud of! Those oare gorgeous girl! : )


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