Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our dining room & the new chairs

After posting last month and declaring my love for the Eames chair and a cowhide rug I was smitten. My beautiful mother in law was obliging and took the old chairs off our hands - thus giving me the green light to go ahead and order 4 replica Eames Eiffel tower chairs.

If you have not tried out these chairs you must - they are by far the most comfortable chairs I have ever sat in - please take a seat in our dining room:

They are way less bulky than the previous chairs and suits our small space well.

Here is the shocking "before and after". 

The "before" photo is another from 5 years ago....*eeepppp I suppose it shows how far we have come. Hubby hung the lampshade as a surprise when I was on vacation with my parents - yes it was upside down & very difficult to clean.

I used sheers for the room to let the light in, I had a track made to suit the length of the room, I hung the track in front of the cornice and used pre-made/ gathered top sheers from spotlight (the type you can purchase by the m). Hubby and I have gradually painted all of the walls in our house Dulux plain white.

PS: I just purchased a very special painting that will hopefully be placed in this room, if you follow her very popular blog you might know what painting I am talking about? should arrive from America soon.


  1. I have seen these chairs for quite some time. I am so glad you managed to find exactly what you like. Its always good to find inspiring blogs across the pond. I am your newest follower.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. Love the after! It looks amazing! This is so inspiring-- I've been wanting to have a dark stained, wood table and pair it with white, more modern chairs. I love the look of it and yours are no exception!

  3. It looks great, so light and fresh - well done. ;-)

  4. They look so good! I want some too!! It really lightens up the room:)

  5. They look so good! I want some too!! It really lightens up the room:)

  6. Gorgeous! I love what you've done to it! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  7. Oh looks wonderful!! What a difference!

  8. Great job making over your dining room :-) It looks so much brighter.


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