Thursday, December 23, 2010

Camping cot as a coffee table?

What do you think about using a camping "cot" as a coffee table? I think yes - based on these images from Martha Stewart. Beautiful!

How to
Cot coffee table- search eBay in your local area for "cot" or "Stretcher". Update with a lick of oil-based paint on the metal, timber and fabric parts of the cot. 
Both of the cot coffee table examples have been paired with trays, the trays are actually baking trays that have been painted or covered in material and Plexiglas, amazing!  what a great idea to keep everything looking neat and organised.
Here is a list of Martha's sources:
Standard Army cot, about $25,
Bowery Kitchen Supplies trays, $12 each,
Fine Paints of Europe semigloss paint, $40 per liter, in E8-37 (cot) and E8-43 (trays), for stores. Jasper Van Der Hurd 6-by-9-foot Alhambra carpet, $2,700,

Can you imagine the possibilities with something like this:



  1. Looks great in these pictures but is definitely not something I would have thought of myself. Is a great way of getting a nice long coffee table.

  2. I'm with you - yes! When you first said it I was like Um no! But low and behold Martha, looks great x

  3. Would never have thought of that! Leave it to Martha to come up with that!

  4. Would never have thought to do it, but it does look great in these pics! I'm happy i read your mind and posted Christina's home:-). Merry Christmas! XX


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