Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lampshade project

Thinking of updating this lamp with some Black and White fabric I recently purchased at Ikea. Ikea have allot of interesting fabric and quite reasonably priced, if you don't mind cutting it yourself (you cut it and then they weigh it) that is how they determine the price.

I pinned the fabric to see how it looks, not totally convinced with the project so I am leaving the fabric on for short time to see if it will grow on me.

 Lamp Before

Might have helped my decision if I had taken a better after photo.


  1. Hi Samantha...stumbled across your blog through Sarah at my first place...welcome :)

    Love your lamp..and I think the black and white stripes definitely give it wow factor...but something has me also going..Hmmm...also..its important to judge how it looks at night when lite...I did this recently with a fabric I absolutely adored and thought would be perfect...and it looked great...but it barely let out any light which defeated the purpose of having a lamp I

    Im sure you will make the right will either grow on you..or you will be coming home with more fabric ; ) x


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