Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Block- Week 6

I am beginning to feel very Bored and Un-Inspired with The Block, Last nights episode was 80% drama and reality and 20% Renovation and Interior design. The rooms that the contestants revealed were lacking good design or originality. 

My Number 1- Erin & Jake
Although eliminated form this weeks judging (as a couple they seam like big douches & Liars) every room that they present appeals. This room is the right colour Grey and the furniture orientation & size is perfect. A picture or piece of art for the wall would have looked nice.  

My Number 2- Mark & Duncan
If they had re-orientated the room and replaced the side and coffee table with the chrome and glass one that Erin & Jake and Brenton & Cheryl used this room would have been a winner, a chandelier or pendant in the middle of the room would have looked nice too.  

My Number 3- Neisha & John
I love the orientation of this room but it looks dark and cheap to me. The Calico drapes are way too short and look like the tab top curtains you purchase at Spotlight. With such a nice high ceiling they could of hung floor to ceiling sheer curtains, it would have given the room a little more glamour, also one less plant and a lamp instead perhaps?

My number 4- Brenton and Chez
Love the colour theme in this room & That Rug is fabulous. This room does look small & The glass side table to the left would have been a better spot to put the TV. I think Whomever purchases this apartment will end up re-orientating the room to watch TV.


  1. Me too! I expected alot more than what we are getting! Nothing beats the first season and the second was quite good too :)

  2. When they started with all of the Erin & Jake drama I mentioned to my husband "Is this a show about renovation?" his reply "No it is reality television", I suppose it is all about the sponsors & making money.

  3. I agree but I would love it (as I'm sure many people would) if there was no drama, just reno!

  4. I totally agree with you it was all bitchin then suddenly the room reveals. I want to see them work and put it together! The boys are getting better but still not quite there in the style stakes with those wooden pieces coming from no where. I found you on my first little place, nice to meet you :)

  5. I agree Michelle. Renovations are so hard, the content of The Block makes it look like it is allot of shopping for cushions and lounges, drinking coffee & heading to the pub (humm does not sound too bad). Nice to meet you too, Thanks for stopping by. Samantha


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