Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aboriginal Art

Jen from made by girl has just posted about some Aboriginal Art that she purchased (as I am sure most of you are following her have already seen). I just have to say what A Great shout out for Aboriginal Artists. There are so many artist/ paintings on Ebay, a little while ago I became obsessed by a paintings of Medicine leaves, I feel like you can see the wind gusting through the leaves on the painting, unfortunately the painting that I liked did not sell below the amount I was willing to pay for it. Here are a few similar ones:

Here is the Image Via Made By Girl, What A Beautiful piece of Art!.

Image above: Jen Ramos 


  1. absolutely love all of these...and am actually going to give it a shot at painting one myself...think it would be fun :)

  2. Anna, I hope you share it on your blog, You sound like such a creative mind! I thought about it but I can't think of how they get the brush strokes right, is it cotton tips?


  3. Love that first painting - I would love something like this (perhaps in slightly different colours) to hang in our home above our fireplace.

  4. That would be a Great idea Amanda! there are many if you search for "aboriginal art Medicine leaves" on Ebay :) Samie


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